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Ganim Law Group routinely represent both buyers and sellers in transactions regarding commercial or residential properties.

Trust Ganim Law Group to help with all real estate-related matters such as those mentioned below:

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Real Estate Legal Services


An experienced attorney will make sure that your interests are represented and properly protected in the transaction whether you are the buyer or the seller in a commercial or residential matter.


A deed is a legal document used to transfer ownership of property from a seller to a buyer. It must be researched, executed, and properly recorded to ensure there are no future disputes regarding who really owns the property.


If there is a dispute over legal title to real property, any person with a claim of ownership can initiate a lawsuit challenging other’s claims to ownership of the property. The result of this action will ‘quiet’ title in the name of the prevailing party and will extinguish all other competing claims to ownership.


The Florida foreclosure process begins with the filing of a foreclosure complaint, typically after a borrower has failed to timely make their mortgage payment. Next, the borrower is officially notified and will have a chance to answer and raise a defense. Because facing a foreclosure can eventually lead to the lender taking possession of the property and forcing its sale, it is essential to have proper legal counsel to help you navigate through the legal process whether you are a lender or homeowner.


Unlawful detainer action is a type of lawsuit that is utilized in order to remove an individual from real property when that individual has been allowed to stay on a property without paying rent and then refuses to leave.


An ejectment is similar to unlawful detainer in that there is no lease agreement or stated landlord/tenant relationship. But in an ejectment case the person who has been asked to leave claims to have some sort of right to the property.


The eviction process is used when a landlord wants to force a tenant to leave the property due to a violation of the lease agreement including failure to make monthly payments. Similarly, a tenant can use the same laws to prevent a landlord from unfairly forcing the tenant to act in a way that violates the terms of the lease agreement and/or Florida law.


Conflicts between landlords and tenants often arise from varying interpretations of the terms and conditions of a lease agreement. Ganim Law Group helps landlords develop a lease agreement that protects their interests before leasing their commercial or residential real property. Ganim Law Group can also review a lease agreement for a tenant before the lease agreement is signed to make sure the terms are clear and that the tenant knows his/her rights and responsibilities. If disputes cannot be resolved between the parties, Ganim Law Group is prepared to represent your interests in the Florida courts.