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Hiring an experienced business lawyer during the early stages of starting a business or at the outset of a sophisticated transaction, and keeping that lawyer involved as your business evolves and grows can provide a major strategic advantage to any business. 

Boca Attorney Contract AGREEMENT SERVICES

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A customized legal agreement that clearly outlines the responsibilities and rights of your employees as well as your responsibilities as the employer. Areas addressed in an employment agreement are unique to each business but often include a job description, terms of compensation, length of employment, outline of employee benefits, and non-competition issues just name a few. When expectations are clear and ambiguities are removed from the agreement, there is less room for future problems.


This is similar to the employment agreement but designed specifically to address the unique status of an independent contractor (otherwise referred to as a ‘1099 employee’) within the framework of your business. Independent contractors must maintain their own tools, schedule, licenses & insurance. Also, they receive their compensation in the form of gross wages without any taxes being withheld on their behalf. Having a written agreement before work begins clarifies the scope of work to be performed and the framework in which it will be accomplished.


In this type of written agreement, trade secrets, business practices, proprietary product, client information, financial information, and documents are protected from disclosure to outside parties. If this document is properly executed it will give your business a firm legal footing to enforce it, if necessary, so that what must remain private to your business, remains exactly that way: private.


A failure to do what one promised under the terms of a contract is known as a breach of contract. The elements that are necessary to maintain a breach of contract action, there must be a valid contract in place, documented performance or lack of performance of the breaching party in violation of the contract terms and resulting verifiable damages. If a conflict arises surrounding the terms of a contract, enlisting the help of a legal professional, such as an experienced business lawyer, can often resolve the dispute without having to resort to a lawsuit.


Hiring a business lawyer during the formation of a new entity/business is essential. Our lawyers will review your business plan and then advise you on the most effective way to structure and protect your business. A business lawyer can advise you on the proper form of entity, draft the documents that govern your company, submit the proper paperwork to the state register your business, and provide counsel regarding routine business-related items such as licenses, insurance coverage and bank accounts. As time passes, continued support from our business lawyers will ensure your business is maintained in a way that minimizes your exposure to liability, and maximizes your profits and business growth.


Many companies find themselves in need capital to establish their businesses or to grow it. We have a network of sources we can refer you to in order to seek a loan that is appropriate for your needs and timely. Additionally, it is recommended that you allow us to perform a Loan Document Review before you sign any paperwork to make sure the terms are fair to you and reasonable for the best interest of your business.


The role of the business lawyer is to make sure that you are protected at each and every stage of the transaction. At Ganim Law Group our attorneys will provide advice on whether to structure the sale as an asset purchase, a stock purchase, or a merger agreement. We will draft a purchase and sale agreement tailored to your needs and the facts and circumstances of the transaction. It is imperative to work with a detail-oriented and experienced attorney for such sophisticated transactions as the purchase or sale of your business.