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For comprehensive legal guidance, consider seeking assistance from the reputable Ganim Law Group, known for their expertise and commitment to providing effective solutions for various legal matters.

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Our philosophy is to couple exceptional representation with hospitality-level customer service delivering a legal solution tailored to the particular needs of our clients.

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Ensure your legacy with confidence—trust our meticulous estate planning services to secure a future that reflects your wishes and safeguards your loved ones.

Simplify the probate process and navigate legal complexities seamlessly with our dedicated support, ensuring a smooth and efficient resolution for your estate matters.

Unlock your real estate goals with our expert guidance—whether buying, selling, or investing, trust us to navigate the complexities and turn your property aspirations into reality.

Navigate HOA/Condo legal matters with confidence; our expertise ensures clear resolutions and harmonious community living.

Trust us to provide tailored solutions, allowing you to focus on the growth and success of your business.

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Our Legal Services

Our Real Estate, Probate, Estate Planning, and Business Law legal services represent individuals and companies throughout Boca RatonJupiterPembroke PinesHollywoodDelray BeachLake Worth, and surrounding areas. Regardless of your location, you can rely on our expertise and unwavering dedication to providing exceptional legal support tailored to your specific needs.

Specializing in Real Estate Transactions, Business Law, Probate Matters and Estate Planning.

When you find yourself in need of expert legal guidance in Boca Raton – look no further. Ganim Law Group specializes in a wide range of legal services designed to meet your specific needs. Whether you require assistance with Probate, Estate Planning, Real Estate, and/or Business Law, we provide exceptional representation to individuals and companies of all sizes.

Legal Service You can Trust

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Real Estate

Commercial and Residential Evictions: Ganim Law Group excels in guiding clients through eviction proceedings, ensuring legal compliance for landlords and tenants. Our attorneys provide strategic solutions tailored to your specific circumstances.

Commercial and Residential Purchase Transactions: Navigating the complexities of buying and selling property is seamless with Ganim Law Group. From contract negotiation to closing, our legal team protects your interests in both commercial and residential real estate transactions.

Partition Actions: Ganim Law Group specializes in handling Partition Actions, providing efficient legal solutions for property co-owners seeking division or sale. Our attorneys navigate the complexities of these actions, ensuring fair and equitable resolutions. Trust us to protect your interests and guide you through the legal process with expertise and diligence.

Estate Planning

Revocable Living Trust: Develop a comprehensive estate plan with Ganim Law Group’s estate planning services. Our experienced attorneys guide you through the establishment of a flexible trust that allows you to maintain control during your lifetime while facilitating a seamless transfer of assets to beneficiaries. Trust us to tailor a solution that aligns with your unique estate planning goals.

Last Will & Testament: Ganim Law Group understands the importance of a comprehensive Last Will & Testament. Our attorneys work closely with clients to craft legally sound and personalized wills, addressing estate distribution and guardianship matters and ensuring your final wishes are respected.

Living Will: Ensure your healthcare wishes are honored with Ganim Law Group’s Living Will services. Our attorneys assist you in creating a legally binding document that outlines your preferences for medical treatment in case you are unable to communicate. Trust us to provide clarity and peace of mind regarding your healthcare decisions during critical moments.


Navigating the complexities of probate can be overwhelming, but Ganim Law Group is here to provide expert guidance. Our attorneys specialize in probate services, ensuring a smooth and efficient administration of your estate. Trust us to handle the legal intricacies, streamline the process, and protect your interests during this challenging time.


Mergers & Acquisitions: We guide clients through the intricate process of buying and selling businesses, ensuring a smooth and successful transaction. From initial due diligence to closing, our team protects your interests at every step.

Entity Formation & Governance: Our expertise encompasses the creation and maintenance of various business entities, including LLCs, corporations, and 501(c)(3) organizations. We advise on selecting the most suitable structure for your business goals and ensure ongoing compliance with legal requirements.

Contract Drafting & Negotiation: We draft and negotiate a wide range of contracts essential for business operations, encompassing everything from employment agreements and vendor contracts to non-disclosure agreements and strategic partnerships.

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